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Who are we

Our name & logo

Each activity on a programme links to another, it is this concept that gives us our name Linx-to. The symbology of our name and logo is taken from the programme and our philosophy of how we engage with our clients.

The programme is represented by the milestones and the red arrowhead taken from a critical path link. The intertwined X represents how our experts entwine and integrate themselves into the clients team.

Our vision

To provide our clients with the information and insights into their projects which enable them to succeed; our client’s success is the measure of Linx-to’s success.

Our mission statement

The programme is the project compass and reference point. We will use it on behalf of our clients to produce analysis that provides insight, warning and opportunity. Linx-to will create value and make a difference on each and every commission.

Our values

We have a set of values and promises we make to our clients, and ourselves:

  • Integrity, Honesty and Respect
  • Collaboration and Co-operative spirit
  • Open Communication and Continual Improvement

Our mottos

Nothing happens by accident.

Planning, it’s the future.

Be part of the team

Linx-to are always interested in learning from planners and associates who feel they can embrace our Vision, Mission & Values.

Please use the contact details below, and if you wish, send us your CV.

0844 98 000 98