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Project Planning

Tender planning

By embedding ourselves within the clients estimating team, Linx-to are able to deliver tender programmes integrated with the bill of quantities. As part of our tender programme submission, we offer the following deliverables:
  • A fully logic linked tender programme detailing the design, procurement, construction and commissioning phases of the project.
  • Tender methodology reports
  • Cash flow/cost profiling and ‘S-Curves’
  • Resource Histograms
  • Opportunity recognition regarding costs and efficiency improvement.
  • Diagrammatic sequencing drawings/plans showing the tender programme phasing.

Construction planning

Developing the tender submission, Linx-to integrate into both the design and construction teams to produce a contractually compliant and comprehensive logic linked critical path programme.

The construction planning services offered by Linx-to include:
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) workshops and development ensuring 100% of contracted scope including Identification of key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Cash flow/cost profiling and ‘S-Curves’
  • Design Management
  • Project Scheduling Risk Analysis
  • Ongoing progress monitoring and reporting throughout the project phases (inc. design, procurement, construction, commissioning and takeover).
  • Resource Histograms
  • Change Management
  • Cash flow/cost profiling and ‘S-Curves’
  • Cause & Effect Analysis measuring the impact of variations in the programme.

Project recovery

Linx-to will perform a preliminary appraisal including a review of the Contract and scope of work specification documents in order to carry out a survey to define the outstanding work scope and deliverables. Once defined Linx-to will hold inclusive workshops with the project team from which we will develop the recovery completion programme.

Once the recovery plan is in place, Linx-to offer the following:
  • Ongoing management and monitoring of the recovery plan
  • Production of 2 weekly detailed look-ahead programmes.
  • Facilitate daily/weekly meetings with the project team
  • Analysis of Risks and Opportunities for the remainder of the project.

Dispute Avoidance

The implementation of any project is complex and involves the exchange and creation of high volumes of data. This increases the risk of misunderstandings, disagreements and disputes between the project participants.

A fundamental aspect of dispute avoidance is the early implementation of appropriate and proactive project controls, progress monitoring, record keeping and reporting procedures; all of which are offered by Linx-to. Our simple and effective methodology of project planning and management will help avoid the time consuming and costly process of preparing or defending claims in a legal dispute.

Linx-to offers a regular and objective assessment of progress and the earned value for each phase of your project from which we produce clear specific reports providing early warnings of potential disputes, helping the project team positively deal with such issues.

If a dispute cannot be avoided, the project control measures put in place will aid their effective management.