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  • Good fortune is what happens
    when opportunity meets with planning.

  • The plan is nothing;
    the planning everything

    Dwight Eisenhower

  • Before Beginning,
    Plan carefully.

    Marcus T. Cicero

  • He who fails to plan,
    Plans to fail.

  • If you don't know where you're going,
    You're unlikely to end up there.

    Forest Gump

What we do

Our planners pride themselves in producing comprehensive plans incorporating detailed Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), resources and cost information.

Once the programme is in place Linx-to provide ongoing support services such as progress monitoring and reporting on an as required basis, from an hour to a day, helping our clients keep control of costs.
Project planning
Risk analysis
Forensic & delay analysis
Expert witness services

Our missions & values

Here at Linx-to we abide by our unique set of Mission, Vision and Values to insure that all of our clients receive the best experience and service possible. Click below to find out what to expect from us.
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Be part of the team

We’re always interested in learning from planners and associates who feel they can embrace our Vision, Mission & Values.

Please use the contact details below, and if you wish, send us your CV.